First Lady Laverne Jones

Evangelist LaVerne P. Jones is the feminine half of the dynamic
Leadership Team at the Apostolic Assembly of the Lord Jesus
Christ, where Bishop J. L. Jones, Sr., is pastor. As an integral part of the life and ministry of Bishop Jones, her roles as Mother, Teacher, First Lady, Church Officer and International Missionary are very important to her.

As a mother, she has five biological children (Jerry III, Angela, Savoy, Cynthenia & Marcus), eights grandchildren (Christopher, Camille, Zion, Chloe Zoe, Jada, Zephaniah & Leviticus) and also parents her niece, Sonjia Neely.

From motherhood, she stepped into the role of “teacher,” using her gift of teaching to the edification of God’s people in the areas of Sunday School, music and biblical education. She gracefully embodies the virtues of a First Lady and is cherished by her church family as a “Wise Woman of God.”

Lady Jones’ extraordinary perception and business acumen has been a tremendous blessing in the financial areas of the church, and she aptly serves in the position of Executive Assistant.

Lady Jones has humbly accepted the mantle of evangelism and travels worldwide, spreading the gospel with a very unique style of preaching. The anointing that God has placed upon her life and ministry leaves a life-changing impact on those that have an “ear to hear” and a mind to do the work of the Lord.

Also featured in the “Clarion,” an international magazine published by the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship, Inc., Lady Jones has a heart that is definitely turned towards missions (both local and abroad). She has brought the “Good News of the Gospel” to several distant lands, including Cuba, Egypt, England, Greece, Israel, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Republic of the Philippines, South Africa, Uganda, India, Ethiopia and the Dominican Republic.

As of March 7, 2003 –her husband’s birthday, God saw fit to enlarge her territory as she was appointed, Inter-Continental Ambassador to Global Missions for the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, International.